BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ast_grepImplement AST-grep for type property expressions.Christoph Mallon6 years
excUse X_regular and X_except projs for throwing callsJonas Haag10 months
gcc_versionClaim to be older GCC version 4.2.0.Manuel Mohr9 months
icoreLink as C++ code.Manuel Mohr14 months
ltoUpdate submodule.Manuel Mohr3 months
masterCorrect accidentally inverted logic of 'target.use_frame_pointer'.Christoph Mallon3 days
optionsdelay printing of include pathsuntil preprocessor is set upMatthias Braun3 years
volatile_CopyBProvide all CopyB constructors with a volatility flag.Andreas Fried4 years
cparser-1.22.0commit 2ea8db6663...Christoph Mallon15 months
ssaconstrcommit a1546cd3f0...Matthias Braun4 years
cparser-0.9.14commit f3227502f3...Matthias Braun4 years
cparser-0.9.13commit f817440bed...Matthias Braun5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysCorrect accidentally inverted logic of 'target.use_frame_pointer'.HEADmasterChristoph Mallon
2017-02-20Update libfirmMatthias Braun
2017-02-20Use new libfirm target APIMatthias Braun
2017-02-17Rename long_double_x87_80bit_float -> x87_long_doubleMatthias Braun
2017-02-17No need to initialize default_exe_outputMatthias Braun
2017-02-17Rename init_gen_firm -> init_firm_optMatthias Braun
2017-02-17Improve optimization level parsingMatthias Braun
2017-02-13Target: set biggest and long double alignment correctlyMatthias Braun
2017-02-13predefs: Define ILP32Matthias Braun
2017-02-13Avoid __pic__ preprocessor define if pic is disabledMatthias Braun