BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
amd64-small-structsImplement variadic struct arguments in amd64.Andreas Fried3 weeks
autotransformCount relevant instructions before transforming.Andreas Fried3 months
closuresimplemented new nodes and lowering for closuresDaniel Krueger4 weeks
constbits.fixWIPChristoph Mallon7 months
excIntroduce new "needs_reloaded_callee_saves" attrJonas Haag9 months
exc-kahlertexception table now uses machine pointer size for entriesTobias Kahlert8 months
ltoSupport loading (and linking) multiple IR files.Manuel Mohr7 weeks
mastermips, arm: Disable all if conversion againMatthias Braun4 days
pdeq_newreassoc: Use pdeq_newMatthias Braun8 months
targetStart working on new target APIMatthias Braun7 days
libfirm-1.22.0commit 2259fe4777...Christoph Mallon14 months
libfirm-1.21.0commit 7a4389d62c...Matthias Braun4 years
libfirm-1.20.0commit 3c41f51d52...Matthias Braun5 years
libfirm-1.19.1commit 963b56c3f9...Matthias Braun6 years
libfirm-1.19.0commit c0da9e550b...Matthias Braun6 years
libfirm-1.18.1commit d0d5cc041a...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.18.0commit 04321ea9f9...Matthias Braun7 years
libfirm-1.17.0commit 32869d6a94...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.16.0commit bbcec65489...Matthias Braun8 years
libfirm-1.15.0commit 3f5b045a3b...Christoph Mallon8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysmips, arm: Disable all if conversion againHEADmasterMatthias Braun
4 daysRework target initialization and queryMatthias Braun
4 daysMakefile: Improve macOS dylib buildingMatthias Braun
5 daysRemove double declarationMatthias Braun
7 daysPull side effects out of assert()Matthias Braun
7 daysDocument no_remainder fieldMatthias Braun
7 daysReorganize include directivesMatthias Braun
2017-02-01Fix warnings in optimize buildSebastian Buchwald
2017-01-30heur4: Remove the write-only deqs 'best_starts' and 'good_starts'.Christoph Mallon
2017-01-29mips: Need to set replace_xxx in irarch nowMatthias Braun