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0000184 [libFirm] optimisations minor always 2016-10-26 13:33 2017-05-08 16:15
Reporter jeffwagner View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open Platform
Status new   OS
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ETA none Fixed in Version Product Version development
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Summary 0000184: Optimization "-freassociation" assertion fails
Description # Report 20161026122120-51

The ir graph was generated by running

    firmsmith --strid 20161026122120-51 --blocksize 1 --seed 3889672439652224112 --graphsize 70

Cparser vesion:

    cparser 1.22.1(4baa2b268899ed76a99d1758582b8bdc72910dea-dirty) using libFirm 1.22(20c9ab7ed2a19e3de4353263bc4431cd31291b1f)

## Error report

The following cparser runs aborted

    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -freassociation

The following cparser runs succeeded:

    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fbool
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fcombo
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fdeconv
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fframe
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fgvn-pre
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fif-conversion
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -finvert-loops
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fivopts
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -flower-mux
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-load-store
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fmemcombine
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-tail-rec
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fparallelize-mem
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fgcse
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fplace
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fscalar-replace
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fthread-jumps
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -funroll-loops
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fvrp
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -frts
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -finline
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-func-call
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-proc-clone
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fremove-unused
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-cc
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fcse
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fconst-fold
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -finline-max-size=9
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -finline-threshold=2
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fconfirm
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-mul
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-div
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fopt-mod
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -falias
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fstrict-aliasing
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fclone-threshold=1
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fverify-off
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fverify-on
    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -fexpensive-optimizations

### cparser aborts

#### cparser aborted with exit code -6

cparser produced the following data on stderr

    warning: the amd64 backend is highly experimental and unfinished (consider the ia32 backend) [-Wexperimental]
    Assertion failed: (curr), function rebuild, file ir/opt/reassoc.c, line 1886.

cparser was run with the following options:

    cparser ./bugreports/ -O0 -freassociation

Stacktrace after running for 0.03 seconds

    frame #0: 0x007fff88bad866 `__pthread_kill + 10
    frame 0000001: 0x007fff8ed1b35c `pthread_kill + 92
    frame 0000002: 0x007fff872e0b2e `abort + 125
    frame 0000003: 0x007fff872aa9d3 `__assert_rtn + 321
    frame 0000004: 0x0000010021ed99 `rebuild at reassoc.c:1886 ((multi_op_env *)multi_env=0x00000001010000c0)
    frame 0000005: 0x0000010021a259 `do_Setsort at reassoc.c:1940 ((ir_graph *)irg=0x000000010070f130)
    frame 0000006: 0x0000010021938d `optimize_reassociation at reassoc.c:2105 ((ir_graph *)irg=0x000000010070f130)
    frame 0000007: 0x0000010003b24a `do_irg_opt at firm_opt.c:441 ((ir_graph *)irg=0x000000010070f130, (const char *)name=0x000000010034b266)
    frame 0000008: 0x00000100039f80 `do_firm_optimizations at firm_opt.c:571 ()
    frame 0000009: 0x00000100039c2a `optimize_lower_ir_prog at firm_opt.c:765 ()
    frame 0000010: 0x0000010003a715 `generate_code at firm_opt.c:780 ((FILE *)out=0x00007fff76443338, (const char *)input_filename=0x00007fff5fbfff5d)
    frame #11: 0x00000100018e18 `do_generate_code at c_driver.c:818 ((FILE *)asm_out=0x00007fff76443338, (compilation_unit_t *)unit=0x0000000100802210)
    frame 0000012: 0x00000100018ec2 `generate_code_intermediate at c_driver.c:846 ((compilation_env_t *)env=0x00007fff5fbffde8, (compilation_unit_t *)unit=0x0000000100802210)
    frame #13: 0x0000010001e142 `process_unit at driver.c:224 ((compilation_env_t *)env=0x00007fff5fbffde8, (compilation_unit_t *)unit=0x0000000100802210)
    frame 0000014: 0x0000010001e281 `process_all_units at driver.c:250 ((compilation_env_t *)env=0x00007fff5fbffde8)
    frame 0000015: 0x00000100000de6 `action_compile at main.c:286 ((const char *)argv0=0x00007fff5fbfff18)
    frame 0000016: 0x000001000014e1 `main at main.c:364 ((int)argc=4, (char **)argv=0x00007fff5fbffe78)
    frame 0000017: 0x007fff8ecad5fd `start + 1
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zwinkau (manager)
2016-10-26 13:59


This bug is already known. There is no issue, but a C program is in our testsuite: opt/reassoc040.c
waldgrasgeniesser (reporter)
2017-05-08 16:15

I don't care that you broke your elbow.

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