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0000186: CMakeLists.txt is outdated and doesn't work on Windows [patch included]
On current master, the CMakeLists.txt is outdated. A few files are missing from the SOURCES list, the unit tests are not executable via CMake and the Linker flags required to build on Windows are missing. [1] While I was at it, I also took the liberty of removing all POSIX includes, because none of them are actually used.

The attached patch fixes all issues mentioned above.

[1] Note that this path does not make libfirm fully compatible with Windows; most unit tests are still failing. If I find the time, I will investigate why. I'm also assuming that Windows users installed the following regex.h implementation for MinGW: [^]
? file icon moritz.patch [^] (2,926 bytes) 2016-11-29 11:07
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Thanks for the patch, fixed in 5a89d4b83cdf70286bfc338f98527ace8bbc4c60.

Yes, past Windows users of libfirm installed the referenced regex implementation.